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    I just changed over from my Blackberry 8900 to a Palm Pre Plus last Friday. I'm loving the Palm (the Blackberry was good too, but the Blackberry couldn't render my fantasy basketball league's scoreboard correctly so I switched when my contract expired). Everything's been good so far, except I'm having some stuck orientation issues. And sometimes when I change orientation from portrait to landscape, the screen doesn't always follow. Any fixes for this?

    By the way, this is my first post.
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    Make sure when you are pivoting that the pre is verticle and not 'lying flat on its back'. The accelerometer responds to movement going from 12 o'clock to 3 or 9 o'oclock. Try this and see the difference compared to twisting it when its lying flat.
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    had a major problem with accelerometer. Dealt with it for way too long when I didn't need to.. went to sprint store and had it replaced. All good now

    until today. phone is totally dead. 2nd replacement on the way .
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    Awesome! Thanks for the tip Fester. The vertical positioning works great.
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    sometimes a little shake up and down helps remind the accelerometer which way is down

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