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He said that WiFi was off, and if it isn't activated the phone radio would also be off. I'm sure the display was off for all of that time. So, the device was basically asleep, and in the equivalent of airplane mode.

What he had was a Palm Pilot. That would give amazing battery life with no radios running.

I'm sure that explains it.
Just because the phone isn't activated doesn't mean the radio is off (unless he shut it off).

Remember, by law, all cell phones, active or not, still have to be able to call 911. So I would say the radio could have been active, it just wasn't pushing any data.

If you can have the Pre in a true standby situation (radios on but no calls, texts, emails, etc.) with a decent signal, the battery will actually last a few days.

But, if you go 3 or 4 days without needing to use your phone, you probably wouldn't have a Pre anyway...