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    Hey Everyone,
    So I have completed a SECURE FULL ERASE of my Pre, doctored to 1.4, Secure Full Erase again, Doctor to 1.2.1, then directly back to 1.4 again, and yet my added pages are still there, and when I apply the "Add Remove Page" patch and the "Named Pages In Launcher" patch, the names and layouts are already there.
    All I can conclude from this is that the information about these layouts and names is being backed up to my Palm Profile. Can anyone confirm? Also, is this something that can be deleted from the Palm Profile if you wanted it to be?

    I likey take apart thingies....
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    I would assume it's being included with the backup, and if you deleted the backup, doctor your phone and turn backup back'd get rid of the old info.
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    Yea I read somewhere in the Named Pages in Launcher thread that that information is stored in a cookie and thus does get backed up to the Palm Profile.

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