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    right well really from day one for some reason when i get back from work and put on wifi 8 out of 10 times my pre tries to connect to my router but then says "ip configuration failed" so i am forced to either flick wifi on and off till eventually it connects or just restart my pre. I have managed to keep calm for the last 4-5 months but it is now starting to get a bit irritating does anyone else have this problem and/or have a solution?
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    I have had an issue with my 2wire wifi router where sometimes, especially after a reboot, the wifi doesn't connect. I also have to turn wifi on and off on the Pre until it connects (usually only once).

    I know that some routers play nicer with thephone than others. I have no idea how different things are over here when it comes to technology. I wish I had a beter fix for you.

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