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    Who do you think has a better quality control dept Palm or Toyota? I've been going back and forth on this one. Even though the volume bug and daily resets are annoying, having a breaking issue that leads to your death may take a slight edge in the rankings.
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    Because the two things are totally comparable, right?

    hint: they're not
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    I think it is a conspiracy they have against Toyota, they still make great safe cars. Similarly to Verizon's stores not pushing Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    Because the two things are totally comparable, right?

    hint: they're not
    How are they not similar? Both have products that go through some type of QC process. In toyotas case issues were known and nothing was done. Palm it's difficult to know if some of the problems were known or not. IMO it seems palm is rushing out updates and not double checking their work. Combined with a prevaling attitude that certain things will be taking care of in future updates. Two examples of each would be the volume issue and select default program for maps on the launcher. Maps before 1.4 you couldn't access sprint nav. Now you can.
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    Actually in the over scheme of things, on a fundamental level, Quality is Quality. I don't care if it is a car, phone or jet aircraft. The design should be made to work. While a default in a car could get you killed, a significant enough default in a battery (in a phone, could get you killed too... So QA needs to be done according to spec and real world use. Not just a quick once over... Oh god I did QA for too long...
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    Well in my small opinion the contrast is too great to compare in that lives were lost by the QC at Toyota and there will most certainly be law suits upoun law suits concerning the failures at Toyota .
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    Wait..Toyotas don't run webOS in their internal computers, do they? :O


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