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    This may be heresy here, but I have been considering Android as another possible route. As much as I am a Palm loyalist, I am not convinced Palm will make the needed comeback.

    Android is likely to take off--it has very strong companies behind it. Problems include different versions of the OS offered by different companies.

    Anyway, the Backflip is available now on AT&T. I have to say that I have been spending my time reading up the WebOS and the Pre, so I don't get the Android thing so much.

    Can someone give me some thoughts?

    Key features for me (currently using Treo 680):

    -- Physical keyboard
    -- Sync with Lotus Notes (corporate)
    -- Sync with Mac
    -- Pimlico Software's (CESD) DateBK6 or Pimlical
    -- 3G
    -- Bells and whistles

    The calendar issue is MAJOR. This is +1 for WebOS, because I can use the Motion Apps emulator to run DateBK6.

    Development on Android is more open than any other platform, though--much like the old Palm OS. Apple is locked down--can't even access the Calendar database. Palm does not allow Java development (only Javascript).

    So, what should I do?

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    well backflip is slow to get updates due to the blur skin moto put over android 1.5 (the current up to date version would be 2.1), has a gimmick for a design that i dont see working well, the design puts the keyboard on the bottom making me think that it might get damaged with all the going in/out of pocket or sitting on a table, and it has overall weak internals the only advantage i see is apps wise but pdk is coming soon

    while the pre has instant updates directly from palm, a design that has weak hardware but works very well, and excellent internals but again flimsy hardware
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    are you in the US or outside the US?

    if outside the US, then i suggest you look at android, as there just isnt enough to keep you happy.

    its sad but true..........

    if you're an american, the ask the yanks in the Palm pre section (not gsm),

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