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  1. dirtaymcgirt
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    when I open the email app, a white stream lags behind it. Then it disapears. Yes I have restarted etc. I think it is because of preware. Should I go get yet another unit?
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    I have the same thing, it is very minor and only present when the app is starting in card view. Once it goes to full screen it is gone. This has only happened since 1.4 and happens when Preware starts also. I ran doctor b/c of another problem but the white line is still there. Doesnt affect performance, but is odd.
  3. dirtaymcgirt
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    bro should we go switch units? im sure a new unit would make the streaks go away rite?
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    You are not alone. My phone does the same thing but does not effect performance.

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