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    i've been monitoring this forum and a few others for the past week or so trying to decide on a phone. i've had a centro for two years now (without data) and am finally ready to upgrade to a smartphone. i love my centro and like that not many people have the pre. my only concern is that i'm not that tech savvy and from what i've read here, you have to put a lot of effort into getting the pre to be even remotely close to the droid or iphone. i really want to stay loyal to palm and appreciate the multitasking, but am concerned about the number of reports of lagging (i also experienced this when testing out the pre plus in the verizon store, it took much longer than some other devices to simply load a page), short battery life, and the lack of apps that are already far advanced on other phones. for instance google streetview/maps and the barcode scanners. it seems like everyone is waiting for the pre to get caught up in these areas and like you have and will be waiting for a while. i understand that the system itself has a lot of potential, but as for what it can do now and in the very near future, would it be unwise for someone who is less experienced in tweaking their phone to invest in a pre when there are more "out of the box" ready phones out there? I really do want the pre plus, just want to make sure I'm making the right decision before signing another contract (finally done with AT&T in less than 2 days, thank god)!
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    The Pre Plus at the store was probaby 1.3.5. The new upgrade is 1.4 and noticably faster and the Pre Plus doesn't have a lot of the lag and too many cards problems of the Sprint Pre.

    You are getting a cutting edge phone/OS, so you have to be willing to accept some bugs/lack of apps. It's kind of a circle in regardst to apps. The more phones they sell the more and better apps we will get, but there are some really great ones now. The OS has not been out a year and most would agree that there has been a lot of progress in that time. If you go with Verizon, you have 30 days and if you don't like it, you can return it and cancel your contract. And this forum will help you with anything you need.
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    Unless you are well off, don't bother with the Pre+ (Verizon). It's not THAT much better than the Pre on Sprint and you'll save a gargantuan amount of money on Sprint for the same service.
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    luckily i've got like 20% off and will be getting on a family plan, which should help me shoulder the Verizon costs
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    In the 9 months that I have had my launch day Sprint Pre, I have never had TMC message come up and also have very little lag on my phone. You just can't beat the 450/unlimited everything else plan including unlimited mobile to mobile for $69.99.
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    I was in a somewhat similar situation and had similar concerns, but I ended up purchasing the Palm Pre Plus, and I’m very happy with the decision.

    Here’s why: With the release of WebOS 1.4, the Pre is finally in the category of “it just works”. Simple, but annoying, issues such as the phone not keeping accurate time and the touchstone charger constantly beeping and recycling when the battery was fully charged are now in the past. Expected things, such as video recording, are now here. The lag when starting programs is easily dealt with by starting all the programs that you use routinely and leave them running in the background. Switching between running programs is virtually instantaneous. Even then new launch screen is nice psychologically because it makes the lag seem shorter. The only significant problem is battery life, which of course is made worse by running a number of programs. I’ve dealt with this by having touchstone chargers at home and at work, and topping the phone off whenever I’m not using it. The design of the touchstone makes this easy. I am worried about app development for the Pre. I’ve been able to find substitutes for most of my favorite PalmOS programs, but there are still a few holdouts. I’ve been thinking about trying out Classic to see how that works.

    Part of the decision was also based on the competition. I might have gone with an iPhone, but didn’t want to switch to AT&T. I’m also not much of a fan of the iPhone OS. It seems rather primitive to me (the phone’s hardware, though, is great). The Droid dropped out of the picture because of Android. What a mess of an OS! Yes there are more apps for it, but the whole thing has this “designed by committee” feeling that is very unappealing. WebOS is simply outstanding in it’s intuitiveness and simplicity.

    Finally, the Pre Plus specs are what I was looking for. I ended up not getting the Sprint Pre because I wanted more than 8 GB of storage space. I think that the 512 MB ram also helps with running multiple programs. All in all, the Pre Plus is exactly what I was looking for, and if it becomes more widely adopted I’m sure that the other problems (such as the relatively paucity of apps) will work themselves out.
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    The "lag" on the Pre is subjective and a trade off when taken into context. For the speed it runs at, it's not that bad. When you compare it to a Nexus One running at 1Ghz or an iPhone 3GS running at 600+Mhz, it is noticeable. However, this is ONLY for starting up apps. Once you have them running, there's no lag in switching between the open applications. Something that the 3GS doesn't do or the Nexus One/Droid can do with a few button pushes/combinations.

    So there are trade-offs..slower than similar devices that run with faster processors?...OK, yes a bit.
    Less capable than the others?...not at all.
    Fast at switching between multiple running applicactions?...nothing faster or more elegant, bar none.
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    okay i think i'm sold. will probably be back in a few days or so trying to figure it all out but can't wait!
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    Personally, I think you will love the Pre Plus, especially if you have ever had (and liked) a Palm phone or Palm PDA. No one does calendars and contacts better, even after all these years.

    I thought I was finally going to leave Palm and go with the Motorola Droid. I spent hours playing with it. The sales man showed me the details of the cool Droid features. I spent 5 minutes with the Pre (and the Verizon saleperson didn't know anything about it) and my faith in Palm was restored.

    I wouldn't consider any network but Verizon because my job requires a level of service and coverage that I've not found with any other carrier I've tried. Verizon recently lowered their price for the unlimited package, so it isn't really that much more than the others.

    Regardless of carrier, you can't beat the Palm Pre. My only issue with it is battery life, but it gets better when the novelty wears off so I'm not surfing the web and shopping the on-line app catalog 24x7. The 1.4 release also helped battery life. And, I bought an extended life battery...

    That said, I think this phone rocks. I would prefer a larger screen because my eyesight isn't getting any better, so I find the iPhone screen (same resolution, slightly larger size) to be a bit easier to read. I will also be experimenting with patches to increase font size...

    However, I think the Pre Plus is an amazing phone, and it has the applications I need now and more coming all the time.

    You can't go wrong with the Pre, and Verizon gives you 30 days to change your mind.

    Just be sure you take the "gesture" tutorial because there are about 5 gestures to learn. Once you have those (up, down, swipe, and swipe back) you will be amazed at how well thought out the interface is.

    The more I looked at the Droid phones (which all have different interfaces) the more I realized that none of them had anyone looking at usability. They packed in the features, and got the same mess that Windows Mobile has been struggling with.

    Get the Pre. You have many friends here, and you will really like the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phonetroubles View Post
    okay i think i'm sold. will probably be back in a few days or so trying to figure it all out but can't wait!
    Remember that the Pre achieve what the Droid and Nexus One does at 1/2 the CPU speed. Hopefully the next generation Pre will have a 1ghz processor. That would make the webOS phenomenal....and no 3D gaming on Android.

    With the "PDK" development kit, a lot of iPhone 3D games are being easily ported over to webOS.
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    The Pre is great, I have had mine for two months with no issues at all. It does what it was suppose to do and more. There was a learning curve for me, coming from the Treo and my wife's Centro, so I bought a book at Amazon, Do Everything With The Palm Pre.

    It really helped but is a little outdated with the release of 1.4.

    There are plenty of apps and growing. Not as much as Iphone or Android, but the phone is just better period and the apps will get there. More added each day.

    Verizon was the only choice, a little more in cost but the network is much stronger and much better customer service.
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    >> Simple, but annoying, issues such as...the touchstone charger constantly beeping and recycling when the battery was fully charged are now in the past.

    That's news to me! I've got a Pre+, 1.4 and on my 4th Touchstone. This problem has NOT gone away.
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    Hmm. I noticed a definite improvement in one of the two touchstones that I have, but I'm using the Sprint Hard Case so it's an unusual situation. I'll have to check the other touchstone. There is an earlier thread that made me think that something in WebOS had been fixed. I have too few posts to put in a URL, but you can search for "unexpected-touchstone-fix-1-4-a".

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