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    Anyone currently going compeltely nake with their pre or pre plus? I am talking no screen protector and no case? I am considering doing it myself. Currenlty no screen protector and its totally seido innocase broke, and I am thinking of just dumping it altogether.

    Anyone go naked for a while?
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    I never liked cases or protectors. I am sure there are others on here who feel the same. Just have to be careful not to put anything else in the pocket with your Pre or it might get scratched. Also, be careful where you set it down. And also be ready to accept some scratches / scuffs / swirl marks because stuff happens.
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    Yep, have done for months, just tend to make sure I don't put change or keys in the same pocket but it seems fairly robust.
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    i have done this and havent worried about scratches to the screen at all, however at times i am a little clumsy and more than once i have dropped it a significant distance to a concrete floor. every single time i feared the screen would be cracked but the worst i have sustained was a slight hairline crack to the upper left corner of the shell that isnt noticeable unless you look for it.

    this phone may look delicate but it is fairly tough, and the screen is surprisingly robust.
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    i've thought about this, but i'd rather not take the risk only because i know how forgetful i am. My luck the day i take off the screen protector i will get a huge scratch on it.

    The reason i know this is because the day i took of the case off my work blackberry i scratched the screen because i forgot i had my keys in my pocket lmao.

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    I am very safe with my cell phones. Never put them in pockets with cnage or keys....NEVER.....and rarely ever drop them. So im thinking naked haha.

    It really does look so sleepk without the damn case. Plus the Pre Plus already has a touchstone back, so if anything i can replace that.
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    i have always "gone naked" with all of my phones and never really had any problems but if you wear jeans and are keeping your phone in your pocket watch out for the little button nipples above the pocket they have been known to scratch screens.
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    I love being naked! for pre I use phantomskinz

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    I always go naked with my phones, I have just ordered an invisible shield for my Pre..
    I hate phone cases, all too bulky and ugly, hopefully the shield will protect the finish without being obtrusive..
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    I only have a screen protector on. It doesn't take up any space, so why not have it on is the question?
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    I've always covered my gadgets but this one is so sleek without a case I couldn't cover it up. I did cover the screen with an InvisiShield skin which works like magic at protecting the thing from scratches (I've dropped the poor thing about 5-6 times without a scratch) and allows you to use your shirt or pants to wipe the never-ending fingerprints from the screen without worrying about scratching. Worth every penny for looks and protection.
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    nothing on my launch pre. sure it has dings and dents but ill have it no other way
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    I had (at one time) used a screen protector but when I received my second one (dropped my original on a driveway and with the help of the rock it landed on, broke the screen) I left another screen protector off but did add the Sprint case. Recently I took the case off to clean everything and just decided to leave it off. Love the feel of it in my hand. It seems sturdy enough and besides: it is a tool and not frame able so it will get scratched, etc. If it only makes it one year (hopefully two) I will just get an updated one.
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    im naked right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by vtboyarc View Post
    I only have a screen protector on. It doesn't take up any space, so why not have it on is the question?
    I have a Seidio screen protector on and you can hardly tell. It's a cheap and easy way to keep your screen scratch free. And it does nothing to the asthetics of the phone.
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    I've never used a protector of any kind and never have had a problem. I keep my phone in my pocket and nothing else and all is good.
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    I am, I never use cases with my phones. My screen has some scratches but I'm okay with that.
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    I used an InvisiShield skin for about six months, but it got a bit cloudy after a while. Since they give you two, I was about to put the second one on and decided I'd see how it went without it. I pocket carry it, I never forget which pocket it is in, and it's held up just fine going commando. The naked screen is definitely more impressive without any skin, even the best ones.
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    Invisible shield for me, I tend to drop my phone more than I should and it shows no sign of any damage. In addition, I really like the extra tacky feel that you get with the shield (Invisible shield in particular).
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    i never use a case... The normal wear and tear of the phone usually happens on the backcase. Something that's replaceable for quite cheap anyway.

    You can pick up small scratches and never notice it, mind you. I had a scratch on an old replacement that I only saw in the dark and if I twisted the phone a certain way. 0_o
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