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    I've been naked for months. Phone in left front and everything else in my right. I did drop it once pretty hard onto some concrete. Did a little scratching to the bottom right corner and caused some stress cracks (cant really notice) All in all I'll keep it naked.
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    This should have been a poll question...

    Naked since launch day. I hate anything in my pockets, so, I keep it clipped to my belt w/ a seidio holster, (face in), I tried a screen protector, but it reflected too much in the sun, so, it was gone in two days.

    Fast access, and pretty safe. ...and if it gets a scratch or two, I don't care, I'll have a new one in a few months anyway - I've never had a phone more than 2 years - usually I'll get a new one every year to 18 months, anyway.
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    naked since launch, actually about 30 mins after launch when those crapy v cases sprint sold me with my pre started opening on its own. Since then nothing. And loving it!
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    naked for six months, no scratches. Love it.
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    I rock the nudie phone... it can take it just fine, but the screen collects little fine scratches like no ones business... sure would be nice if it were glass O_O.

    All in all, you dont really notice them.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Had mine since August and never have used a screen protector or case. Phone looks almost new.
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    after 2 broken inocases and peeling screen protectors. I gave up and went buff. I like the feel soo much better, and the Palm branded belt pouch is much smaller then those that accommodate cases.
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    My Pre is nude and has very few scratches and a great tan.
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    My Palm Pre is a nudist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcw View Post
    My Pre is nude and has very few scratches and a great tan.
    How did yours get a tan!?!? My Pre feels pale now. lol
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    my first Pre I had no screen protector. It's great for awhile. Problem is, after time you will wear a finger scroll mark into your scene, from continues friction!
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    I had an Invisashield and have went through three since july. I am sick of the whole "warrenty" process they have. It still costs 3.95 to send it back to them plus the stamp for postage so I just peeled it off and now im fully nude and lovin it.
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    I had In InvisiShield for a week and took it off. Did not like the feel or look. I've had my Pre since the summer and it looks like it just came out of the box. I use a side case.
    I use Meguiars Quick Detailer for cars on it. Super high gloss shine. (Spray a little on a soft cloth first). My sons Pre skidded across a parking lot 6ft, on the face, with only a minor scratch! (lucky him)!......go naked
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    pre's been naked since asurion replaced my lost pre a month ago
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    Naked! Had invisishield for one month then I peeled, the ghettoiest thing I ever used, awful.
    I am launch day user with one replacement 9 months ago.
    I prefer naked and no I don't have scratches. What saved me is the touchstone back. Before I got that, I dropped my first pre like 10 times.
    After replacement with touchstone back, I haven't dropped it.
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    that's how I've been using mine and it's been okay so far.
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    I've also been naked on my pre ever since I got it... however, I am currently on my third pre (which is why I don't care about the naked part). I do have some scratches, but nothing you can notice without seriously looking for them.
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    I use a case during the week day, but often go naked at home and on weekends.
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    No screen protectors or cases here. Just a naked Pre and the sleeping bag.
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