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    always naked mean my Pre....It's as launch day pre and been naked too! no scratches or problems worth mentioning...
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    Mine has been naked since July 09 when I bought it. I just use the sleeping bag it came with. No scratches.
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    I keep my Pre on a belt holster or in a shirt pocket, but with no screen protector. Looks good as new.
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    Launch day Pre and haven't used a case since day one. Tried the screen protector the first week but it seemed to affect the sensitivity of the touch screen so I took it off and haven't looked back. 9 months and this thing is still solid. I will it admit it has a few scratches but those are due to my clumsy hands dropping it a few times.
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    Sigh...I don't like having a case on my phone. I have gone the "nude" route with all my phones, but the pre has seemed to have the worst luck because of me.

    One time, I was cycling around the city and I was on like my 10th mile of my 15 mile trip. I stopped for some water, checked my stats on my phone (fittrack) and put it back into the little bag under the seat. Little did I know, I forgot to zip up the stupid bag. I went about a quarter mile when I heard a loud clacking behind me. My phone, wallet, bike tool and everything fell out. What was most awesome about all that was that the phone fell out right in the middle of me crossing an entrance to a neighborhood! There was a guy about to make a right and he would not stop. I guess he did not understand what I was trying to say. He was so close to running it over (and almost hit block of metal, the bike multi-tool). That would have been awesome if it popped his tire, he would have heard me then!

    When I finally picked it up, I could tell that it had slid on the concrete quite a distance. With my luck, it did not fall on the back, but on the front! (hurray!) Now there are scratches on all sides of my pre and some right in the middle of the screen. I love my pre to death and now it has character. The keyboard wigs out every now and then and I am thinking of trading it in to sprint since I pay for insurance.

    Anyway, the point of this post. Nude for a phone is good. Forgetting to zip up a bag and letting your phone slide on concrete...bad.
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    well that seals it....she is now naked....and blushing
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    Quote Originally Posted by glevitan View Post
    well that seals it....she is now naked....and blushing
    Mine is naked....and parading around shamelessly!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tumpin View Post
    I always go naked with my phones, I have just ordered an invisible shield for my Pre..
    I hate phone cases, all too bulky and ugly, hopefully the shield will protect the finish without being obtrusive..
    Did you ordered full body version?
    I would love to hear your review of the invisible shield.

    I am currently using the stock screen protector, it did unstuck from one side and got dirty so I trimmed like 1/8" because it looked ugly. Using the stock belt holster too. I am ADHD and it is so easy for me to leave something behind.
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    Naked but keep the glasses . Like your eyes, the screen is critical and should be protected. Flaunt the rest!

    I use a screen protector but no case. I have a belt pouch that protects the Pre very well. FYI its a small Case Logic digital camera pouch and it has the added benefit of an extra pouch for the bluetooth headset. Pre fits in it perfectly. And with a little extra patience I can even fit the little wired headphones that came with the Pre into the zipper pouch on the fold over flap.
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    The only problem with 'going naked' is once you do, you will smack yourself over the head thinking of all the years you've wasted worrying about protecting previous devices with shells, holsters, and ugly plastics.
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    My pre is naked to the fullest. No cases skins or pouches or insurance for me. I'm pretty careful with my gadgetry and my pre has no scratches on it.
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    phantom skin for the front and touchstone back and my phone is blemish free. I wouldn't chance it after my iphone experience.

    I went "naked" with the iphone when it first came out because of all the videos of people taking keys and knives to the screen without a scratch. Just putting my iphone in my pocket without any keys and some god knows way I had a big mother scratch right along the bottom of the screen. ***? It was awful and I had no clue how it could have happened but luckily my phone was replaced for an unrelated issue and I didn't hesitate to put a screen protector and case on it. I will never chance a scratched screen again.
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    I origanilly went naked for almost a 5 months but I'm constantly going i and out of cars and having to keep active due to my job in which case sometimes means running after people... my first phone fell victom to many a falls and throws and the occassional fall down a flight of stair... i have to say for what the phone looks like it can take a beating i did hve to trade it in eventually but that was due to the phones software just getting corrupted, long story. but since I got the new one I put an InvisaShield in the last 3 moths...... Way bigger difference... this thing went sliding across payment I'd say propbably a good 34 times now, splashed in some mud, not deep luckly, has kys taken to it, on purpose and by accident, hancuff keys scraped as well, and pens taken to.... It is scratch free.... though I did in the last week take the shield in for replacement due to the the edges coming loose becaus the install didnt apply the edges flly right cost me $10 bucks for the replcement but I have to say it was worth it.....
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    Naked for 9 months -- I mean my phone has been naked for 9 months.

    I have 2 cases (bought a Palm sideload and won a similar Incipio on a Palmcast) but I never really use them.
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    No case, no protection, no problems!
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    Mine is always naked in my front pocket since launch day and no scratches or anything.
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    My launch day Pre is naked as can be. I did drop it for the first time last week though. Nice little chunk taken out of the bottom. Oh well. That's why I pay the insurance.
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    had my launch pre "naked", had it in my pocket with other objects and it scratched real bad. ever since (with a new one) i've used the invisible shield and have learned how to install it myself. the other benefit of this is that the "naked" pre is VERY slippery. with the shield it has much better grip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    I keep my Pre on a belt holster or in a shirt pocket, but with no screen protector. Looks good as new.
    I got a deal on a Blackberry belt holster, (almost) never put the Pre in my shirt pocket, and it also looks good as new, even after many drops to floor/pavement.
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    Just putting my .02 cents in. i love my invisasheild... I think i spelled that wrong... All I know is, it's the next best thing to naked or casual jackets!
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