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    My Pre had a burp last night while downloading the Dough Boy application. I know--dumb app. I thought it would be fun to let my kid play with it. Regardless--while installing, something "goofed" and the Pre rebooted itself. Afterwards, all std icons were where they were originally, and any application I ever installed was on page 1. So...
    Re-arrange everything to how I think it was. Run a back-up. Re-start.
    All installed icons are on page 1, Std icons are on their original pages--AGAIN. Dough Boy wasn't present in the icons, so I anticipate there is something wrong with this installation that caused this issue. I just don't know how to resolve it.

    Anyone have any pointers?

    WebOS Version 1.40...I have Preware installed and patches are below. No patchwork was installed/removed when this started.

    4x4 Icons v1
    Battery Percent and Icon White
    Call Duration in Call Log
    Disable Charging Alert Sound
    Enable Landscape Email
    Read/Delete All Email
    Timestamps Clean

    Thanks in advance,
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    I uninstalled the patches just to see what would happen and PreWare is goofed up. It doesn't seem to notice anything installed--packages, apps, etc.
    I'll remove and re-install PreWare when I get home and go from there. I tried to install WebOS on my work computer and things just aren't happening...

    Is the ultimate fix to start fresh with WebOS Doctor? How does that work with installed apps? Would I have to re-install everything (except core programs)?

    Thanks again.
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    That's strange - I haven't heard about any other installation problems with that app... What does it show when you go to it in the app catalog?

    If you decide to doctor, it wont take off your homebrew apps/patches. You need to do a "Full Erase" using the Device Info app first. If you do a backup first, then after you doctor, when you put in your palm profile info, all your (official) apps will reinstall automatically, as well as contacts, calendar. It wont save your pictures/music/videos/anything else on the usb drive, so be sure to back that all up first as well. It also will lose your call/sms log.
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    Executed the Emergency Reconstruction Utility. Deleted the remaining patches.
    Force a back-up. Use Device Info app and Erase All.

    Each step involved a reboot and test to see if the icons got "restored" to original locations or if they held their ground. Only after the "Erase All" and subsequent synchro was the Pre able to maintain the icon arrangement.

    Preware and Package Manager returned to the phone. All other downloaded items/pics returned to their required directories.

    What a PITA, but it should be OK for a while. I guess I'll be more selective about the apps I download from here on out.

    Thanks for the input.

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