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    I have a Verizon Pre Plus and I've found that there is a very small line of discoloration in the very top left hand corner of the screen. You can mostly only see it if the screen is off or black. It's about 1/4" long and maybe 1mm thick.

    It's bothering the hell out of me. Everything displays fine, even in that area, but its almost as if it on the other side of the can't feel anything if you place your finger over it. Is this a common issue?

    Also, I bought my phone 2 weeks ago from a friend of mine. I'm wondering how any sort of warranty would work. I hear that carrier's honor Palm's warranty, but does that hold true if you're not the original purchaser?

    I can live with the mark if I have to...but don't see why I should lol.
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    this is a common problem and i have it too and im living with it
    it has been 7 months now for my Pre to have this issue and its still the same with no side effects ...
    if you can get a replacment with no screen discoloration then its better

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