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    You can edit any video. All you have to do is place the Pre in USB Mode then move the video into DCIM/100PALM. You can then edit just like the vids you recorded on your Pre.
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    And if you crop off 1 sec, you get a thumbnail (just in case you don't yet for some Precorder videos)
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    After placed in DCIM you mean edit on your desktop or with the Pre itself?

    What about adding on screen titles etc.?
    I've been messing with YouTube and there is an option to put music over the audio recorded if you just like the video itself but I can't figure out how to put titles. (not annotations)
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    On the Pre itself. And you put it in the sub folder 100PALM of DCIM.
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    i wonder if this works with internalz. I'm going to try it out
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    I moved the file using internalz and it does allow you to need to even do it with a PC. nice find for me.
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    I've tried this myself, I even made as patch to allow video editing of any file.

    However, while the video will load in the editor, there's a few things to note:
    1. The majority of videos tested will have inconsistent thumbnails. They simply aren't accurate time indicators and can be 10+sec off in longer videos.
    2. The majority of videos won't accept the actual choice to save the edited video. It'll either freeze your Pre or will give an error about reading the video.
    3. If you're lucky enough to have the edit work successfully, then chances are you'll notice an audio issue where it's sped up 2x and ends halfway through the edited video.

    While I wasn't able to get it working, I did manage to get these 2 somewhat-related patches release:
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