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    Hi guys,

    I am hopefully getting a pre soon, and I have a question about homebrew.

    I am just wondering if I have to uninstall homebrew every time I update? And also, does it void your warranty?

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    No and no.
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    Ok thanks
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    But do I have to uninstall themes when I update?
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    yes, you must uninstall themes. Homebrew apps are fine and so are recent versions of patches, though some people still choose to remove them.
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    Alright, thanks. I might be able to get a pre tomorrow!
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    congrats, you came to the right place for helpful info. In the future you can use the search function to find most answers you might need. You're gonna love the Pre, most everyone who actually gets a hands on does.
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    I have one more question :P

    If I don't uninstall themes, and I update, what happens?

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