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    So I'm not sure why but Google maps and Sprint Navigation think that I am in Salem, NH when in fact I'm in Framingham, MA about 50 miles from there. This ever happen to anyone else? Any idea how to fix it? Please help
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    Mine puts me in Dallas, TX instead of Oklahoma City if I'm getting poor satellite reception.
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    I never use google maps, but you got my curiosity going so I checked and it has me exactly spot on the map.
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    vz pre+ has big issues getting a gps fix, if i can get one its gone quickly. had better luck w/ my sprint pre. i'd turn gps off and on again, airplane mode or a reboot if that doesn't work.
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    I don't know if anyone can confirm this, but I had read somewhere that Palm was no longer supporting live update from Google Maps. I think this means that it will cease to update your location via GPS. This very issue happened to me while in Southern California. As I was trying to navigate to my destination Google Maps was showing that I was standing still...


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