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    I've converted three of my friends to the Pre. Two from BB and the other from a feature phone. I had one convert over today to watch the Lakers game.

    He asked, so are you gonna get another palm device a year from now when your contract's up?

    Me: Yeah, I really like the OS. Though I'm frustrated at the inconsisteneces
    in performance, I believe there's lot of upside and palm is working
    diligently in getting it perfect.

    Friend: I'm going with the iPhone. From what I've seen, the iPhone just
    works and everyone with one seem satisfy. The Pre just isn't
    reliable. The hardware is terrible and the device is awefully slow.
    The iPhone has more apps and you just can't beat that.

    Me: I understand. But a year from now, you'll be getting another palm
    device, becaue all of your complaints will be addressed.

    Am I right or just a fan boy?
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    Honestly, I have an iPod Touch and a Pre.. While I love the speed of the Touch, the fact that I cant switch among apps drives me absolutely nuts.. I came from a Blackberry to the Pre, and that had similar multitasking capabilities (while not as refined as the Pre -- more akin to using Alt-Tab on Windows).

    Yes, the Pre hardware absolutely sucks.. Yes, the software needs some work -- but I know its the best available out there right now for what I want and need. I'll be eligible for another phone upgrade from Sprint in June on my 1 yr Pre anniversary.. I'm hoping by then, they have come out with a much improved piece of hardware that will work on Sprint (leaving Sprint is something I wont even consider)

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