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    i got the patches for the notification every 2 minutes for missed texts and there any way to change the notification reminder tone?
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    just go into prefs in messaging. It's new as of 1.4
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    I'm not sure he's talking about just the messaging tone.

    The notification tone is also for email... etc.

    There is two patches for that.

    Check in Preware under Messaging 'SMS Tone Per Contact' which does more than just the Messaging tones.

    Also in Preware check under Sounds and Alerts 'Select Alert and Notification Tones'

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    bro u are the man. EXACTLY what i was looking for. much appreciated. thanks a lot.
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    Im a little confused. You can change the SMS tone under the preferences and you can change the tone for each email under each separate email preferences. Then there is the question of the calendar/tasks and the difference between notifications and alerts if you add these patches? Thanks...
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    i was just asking how to change notification REMINDER tones. he gave me the answer to that. its simple changing notification tones, but the REMINDER tones require an addition patch.
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    So is the notification tone the reminder tone? First your SMS for example, goes off, the 2min later (the patch), another tone will play, which I thought was the same one as the SMS tone, but is that really the notification tone, which is what you are calling the reminder? Or is there something else? What are the notification and alert tones for?
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    With the sms per contact patch your message tone will be whatever tone you have for your contact that texted you. If you have two or more unread messages it will use the last message tone for the sound.

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