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    Okay... so... even though I've been able to (with the help of many others from this forum) get my Pre back into working order...

    The one thing I need help with (which makes me feel like a punk) is this:

    I've surfed to a few of my favorite websites, one being facebook. Before I realized there was a facebook for palm app, I created a card & put it into my launcher... (not the web launcher, but the launcher launcher...)

    Now I have the official facebook for palm app, and I want to dump the generic "facebook" card in my launcher. I've gone to "help", I've sat here for the last 45 minutes trying to figure out how to dump this... and I'm sure it's like a 10 second procedure... but for the life of me... this simple task is beyond me...

    Can you help me out?
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    to get rid of any app/shortcut that you put on the launcher do orange button+tap then hit delete.
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    LOLOLOLOL Wow!!! How simple! Thanks!!!!
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    haha no problem. Don't be afraid to ask even the noobiest of questions!
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    or hit drop down in top left in browser,hit bookmarks,find the one you don't want and swipe to delete.
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    That helped me too, actually. +10
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    +1 nice!
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    ZMann - that works if you have the page bookmarked. It doesn't work if you have added the page to your launcher.

    The orange button + tap thing worked like a charm!
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    ooo gotcha,i get it
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    You can also do it without using the keyboard.

    If you open up your launcher, open up the app menu (touch or swipe down over the tab in the upper left) and choose list apps, it will take you to a card that give you a list of all your apps there. You can then just tap and choose delete.

    Edit: A little correction, this only works for apps, not web links.
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