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    Will it be possible to tether with the wifi model of the soon-to-be released Apple iPad. If so, how is this done? I don't know anything about tethering.
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    nope shame on you for asking about an apple product being used with a webos device
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    Blasphemy! That's like telling the Palm Pre and Apple iPad to mate -.-

    On a serious note, with a mobilehotspot/freetether/mytether application. I Suppose.
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    What do you get when you cross a Palm with an Apple?
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    an abomination
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    The iPad will be just like any other wifi device. I plan on using one tethered to my pre plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    What do you get when you cross a Palm with an Apple?
    A really odd looking coconut.

    All you'll need is mobile hot spot and you're good to go.
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    But seriously, how do I go about getting the mobile hot spot for the iPad?
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    the answer lies within a forums search for mobile hotspot
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    I'll check it out...
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    You don't get it for the iPad. You get it for the Pre. You will be using your Pre to connect to the internet. The iPad simply has wifi to connect to a hotspot or wireless router, it has no mobile internet of its own. MyTether will work as well, do a search for it on the forums.
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    I still don't understand how this works. What do I do (step-by-step)?
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    1 install mobile hotspot
    2 turn on mobile hotspot
    3 find network on ipad
    4 done
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    Got a modem at home? Got your computer plugged into that so you can use the internet?

    Same thing. You're turning your Pre into the modem the iPad uses to connect to the internet.
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    the iPad is a very nice tablet, only problem is its crippled.

    this is a real tablet, Notion Ink - Adam - TechSpecs

    only problem with the notion ink adam is it doesn't come out til july : (
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    What do you get when you cross a Palm with an Apple?
    An apple in your hand?
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    this is the first I have heard anyone wanting the ipad..... Especially when everyone knows there are much better tablets right around the corner.

    after seeing microsofts courier, the imaxipad looks like it really should be scrapped.
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    I tether my netbook (using my pre) and download stuff from iTunes for my iPod touch.... hahaha! I also used to enable the WiFi on my Pre and connect to my Pre using my iPod Touch via WiFi..... not because I needed to do it, just because I could.
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    The combination of the WebOS hotspot and an iPad would be awesome for doing web browsing on the go.
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    I'm definitely looking forward to the iPad. Being a college student and the owner of a small business, the iPadlooks like a great fit. The iWork suite will easily take care of my on-the-go productivity needs and seems to be the most robust set of office software I've seen on a tablet. The Adam looks interesting as well, but I know next to nothing word processing and spreadsheet apps on the device. I would say I might be disappointed in the iPad when I get it, but I really don't have high expectations. Nearly 10" screen for browsing, e-mail, calendar, and doc editing... good enough.
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