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    does this happen to you guys? When I have an app open and I lock the screen, then whenever I use the phone next either press the unlock button or open the slider, the screen stays black. Then after a few seconds it will either wake up or do a luna restart. Kinda annoying.
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    Well documented 1.4.0 issue. Please search

    Hopefully will be fixed in 1.4.1 (which should come very soon) as it's affected many of us, you're not alone.
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    ditto just started. It is annoying
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    alright thanks. Sorry I'm typing on my Pre and didn't even think to search
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    Happened to me when I tried to stop the silly FB app from syncing 1000 people I don't know. Fortunately I'm used to that from the rare occasion I abort a Windows install and everything goes berserk on me.

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