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    Hello, I am actually posting for a friend of mine who is having an email problem after 1.4. I did go through and look at a lot of the other email posts, while they were all very close to what he is expierencing, they are not quit the same.

    For him, whenever he boots up the email app he gets a blank white screen. No folders, no anything. When he goes into accounts and prefs. both sitches are switched are off and it has a blank space for "default address". He can not input anything into that default address. Also whenever he tries to add an account it doesn't sync. If he closes the app and reopens it, both switches are back to off and nothing is showing again. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas as to what the problem is? I have already run the EPR and removed the theme. Should I web doctor or do you have any other suggestions. Thank you for all you help. Also I am attaching some screen shots so you will see what I see.
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    I have had the same problem since yesterday afternoon, I am Web Dr'ing this morning...nothing else seemed to work. Some said a partial erase should do it, but with the time involved and erasing pics/vids/USB anyway I am just going to to the Dr.
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    I have had this problem since the 1.4 update. After I lost my email accounts it would not add them back in, even manually. I eventually doctored the phone and got email restored. Then when I added Preware and my patches back in, I lost the email accounts again. Doctored again and got them back. I have since tried three more times to add patches back in, but had to resort to doctoring each time to get email back. One time I tried just Preware alone, and one time just Package Manager Service, both leading to loss of email. So now I sit with a totally non-homebrew phone, but at least I have my email.

    There seems to be only a handful of Pre owners with this problem. In another thread Wilderf says he finally was able to get both email and patches working, but only after a full erase. I may try that tonight, although that is scary to me. Wilderf's theory is that ther must be some latent file out there that the doctor doesn't eliminate and can only be removed by full erase. I'll let you know tonight if that works!

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