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    Hi all....

    I have a serious problem with my Bell Pre...

    Applied 1.4 and was working fine then applied some patches and applications, again working fine. Yesterday I applied a tweak to remove the file attachemnt and send icon from SMS... I didn't like the functionality so I removed it.

    SMS was working a little funky today so I powered it down and removed the battery. Now when I power it up all I get is the "palm" screen.


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    Have you tried rebooting during that stuck time with Opt (the Orange key on Pre, I think Gray key on Pre Plus) + Sym + R? I've had that happen and every time I do this it solves the issue.
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    Thanx for the information silverthornne... no luck just goes black and returns to the same screen... black with white palm across the middle...
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    make an apontment at the doctors lol

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