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  • Pocket

    71 59.66%
  • Pouch Holster

    29 24.37%
  • Clip Holster

    16 13.45%
  • Purse (ladies)

    3 2.52%
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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy96 View Post
    speaking of pockets vs. pouch, i just read an article on engadget about how htc is saying the nexus one isn't meant for pockets because of a cracking screen issue.

    Can a glass screen advocate explain the intrigue of a glass screen? Is is simply the fact that it gives it a more durable feel? Even though it looks to be the case that glass isn't more durable than plastic...which it isn't anyway.
    Way off topic.

    Capacative screens work by conduction of an electrical charge. Glass conducts electricity better, so it's a more ideal screen material than plastic. Ideally. Problem is the screens have to be thick enough to prevent breakage, you kindof negate some of that advantage. Earlier touchscreen phones had to use plastic for the resistive screen, you can't bend glass that far without cracking it. And yes, glass is more durable under use, it won't scratch as easy in the pocket, but...........drop it the wrong way. Chip a plastic screen somehow, you have a chipped screen until you decide to replace it. Chip a glass screen, you've got a stress riser that will continue cracking. Check the rates on windshield replacements sometime. They each have their pluses and minuses. Say I somehow had an iPhone with a plastic screen, but otherwise identical to a glass screen iPhone, I call my sister to let her know I'm on my way to Boston, then use her phone to call my mom when I get there, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Side by side, doing the exact same thing, yeah. Tiny difference.

    Back to your normal thread subject.
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    hip slide case
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    I keep it in the OEM pouch and in my shirt pocket. The pouch is great for removing screen smudges.
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    I've had a full phone skin and just a screen skin. Also had that plastic case above and also carried it in the palm pouch when I first got it. Now I have no case and no skin and it's scratched to hell but works fine. After all it's just a phone!!
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    verticle hip holster w/invisashield screen protector. The holster is for a bb curve from Fry's Electronics.
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    front pocket
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