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    Ok so i am ready to pay for a slacker subscription but wont for one simple reason...

    The App stops playing, it gets wearisome. Anyone else having this problem?

    Basically it will be playing a song, and stop. I don't have this problem with grooveshark or pandora so am quite sure its not my connection.
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    none here. Lovee slacker. It's become my commuting music player of choice, where I spend approx. 3 hours a day rockin out...

    maybe cache/mem problems?

    i'm sorta of OCD about resetting my Pre each morning and after noon... (and stopped using Friendsfeed/Facebook app) and pretty much never have playback problems as I've had in past.
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    the only reason its stopped for me is because my signal is week or its at 1x, at least that is why i think it pauses. how is your signal when it lags?
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    When I listen to slacker for a while I get the same thing, it will give some sort of error and I'll have to go to another station and come back to the one I was at to get it to start replaying. I've never had this issue with Pandora at all either so I'm not sure what it is.
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    I was having all sorts of problems with Slacker before 1.4.. The most annoying was the fact that on startup, it would ask me for my login credentials again about 75% of the time..

    As I had some issues with 1.4, I did a full 1.2.1 doctor/full erase, followed by the doctor for 1.4... Needless to say, my Slacker issues are gone now.
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    Have you tried running it over WiFi?
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    seems the main cost for the issues is 1.4

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