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    I'm in winmo territory now. I probably reset my pre every other day. Main culprits are music player, sprint nav and evernote. Anyone of those two running at the same time causes slowness to the extreme.
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    Every night before going to sleep.
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    Once per day..
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    I have my phone rebooting every early morning at 3am while I'm sleeping (using a reboot scheduler).
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    Everytime I put it on the touchstone.
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    I'll do a battery pull before jumpin in the shower to get my day started. That way, I'm not sittin there waiting for eternity as it boots back up
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    Only time I reset my Pre is when I change/add something in Preware and also before the 1.4 update, I would reset the phone when Sprint Nav could not find the location but now this app works great after the update.
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    I reboot once every three days or so...
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    Running the xorg tools scheduler to reboot nightly.
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    I reboot as needed. That could mean once in a month, or twice in a single day.

    But I'm seriously thinking about installing an auto reset program to do it once a day before I wake up.

    Android and Palm are going boldly into multitasking smartphone territory, and perhaps what they should consider is making auto reset a part of the operating system. Or some kind of super garbage collection behind the scenes.

    That being said, I wouldn't trade the ability to do true multitasking for anything in the world, and so I'm more than happy to reset on occasion.

    (I have to with my desktop after all.)
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    i have no real reason to reboot, as i did on my winmo phone, but i still do every so often just because.

    a lot of times its because im playing with it and it needs to. other times i do just to clear the memory.

    i have gone months without reseting before and had no problems at all and i am a fairly heavy user, using both apps and phone and email and nav and games and pics and videos and the bat grappling hook and the .....
    Pre be with you.

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    I'd say about once a week - 99% of the time it's because gps won't get a lock.

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