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    Simple question: How would you improve the Facebook for Palm app?

    I'll keep a list of (reasonable) features here. Once we gather a list, I'll probably ship the list to Palm.

    - Handle notifications, currently no way to view notifications
    - Dashboard notifications, have facebook updates appear in WebOS dashboard.
    - Method to respond to friend requests
    - Fix video privacy issue to "friend
    only", currently set to everyone.
    - Display political affiliation in Info tab of profile
    - Facebook chat
    - Sync Facebook events with WebOS calender
    - Copy pictures from albums to device.
    - Tag pictures
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    be able to save pics from friends albums to phone.

    chat in messaging

    sync events and bdays to calendar
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    I think i posted this in another thread... but I def. need the ability to "Tag" in my comments and status updates... very useful...
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    there is another thread started the day after the update came out, why not just grab all the features from that thread?

    I would provide a link but I am posting from my Pre.
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    palm already knows what needs to be done..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    palm already knows what needs to be done..
    You would think, but it definitely doesn't hurt to tell them. Company's can overlook things.

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