I've noticed that since webOS update 1.4 came out, the phone will disconnect itself randomly from the car's bluetooth system (didn't do this before), wait a few seconds, and then reconnect. Sometimes, it'll disconnect altogether and require a restart. Other times, it disconnects and the BT icon disappears. I've never had it disconnect during a call, but having it connect/disconnect almost every time I drive is a problem. Anyone else with an 2009/2010 Jetta (TDI or gasoline) notice this?

Another problem I sometimes have is when using voice dial - 80% of the time the phone dials out as usual, but every once in a while, after having accepted the name and instructing the system to dial, the phone will start dialing, but the radio switches out of phone mode and back into Sat radio, or whatever other source it was playing. I'm wondering if this is a handover issue between the integrated BT and the phone, or perhaps a lag/delay (the unreliable speed dial press in the phone application comes to mind) or something else? Anyone experiencing this, please post your results as well.