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    When I open my launcher page to get to my apps my pre wont open any of the apps I press. The touch screen recognizes my taps as I can see the touch animation display when I press the screen. My quick launch apps work with no problem as well. When I click and hold an app icon in the launcher it'll highlight the app but won't let me move it and when I try to move it is says "Selection copied". Devmode is on, but can't turn it off cause the launcher won't let me press the icon once code is entered. Anyone with any help or suggestions? Thank you!
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    try a restart
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    Sorry, I failed to mentioned I did a restart and I did reset of data and apps.
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    can you open the apps via universal search?
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    Nope, when I do it that way it'll highlight it while my finger is on it, but won't launch. Enter won't work either.
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    do you have any launcher related patches installed?
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    No patches installed what so ever
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    then i guess its time to doctor your pre
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    Is there anyway to turn off devmode via terminal or anything?
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    cant say i know of one though theres really no reason i can think of to turn it off
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    Why would you want to turn off dev mod via terminal?
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    Thank you
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    Cause I can't turn it off any other way.
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    no problem but again i cant think of any reason why youd want to turn it off care to explain what youre thinking
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    The last thing I did was turn it on and restarted my device before this happened.
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    well i can make a very informed statement that it wasnt dev mode that did it because id say around 95% of precentral members have it on and i havent heard of this before
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    Alrighty, thanks again.
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    but again im going to recommend that webos doctor its a pretty painless process just find something to do for between 45 mins and an hour
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    Haha, I'll just watch Shaytards till it's done, and I'll let you know how it goes.
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    that happened to me, but it was becuase i updated the OS w a patch installed (not through preware or webos qi) and then tried to reinstall the patch after the update. after the patch was sent and installed, i restarted and had the launcher page issue.

    the doctor straightened everything out, of course

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