Hello, new to the Pre world and am very excited to find this amazing resource online. Since I purchased my Pre I have downloaded many apps (obviously) but have found that neither Pandora, Accuradio and Slacker and none of them will play music. It's very odd as I have no issues with the 3G network or with Wifi. But even with Wifi enabled and a strong signal not one of these programs will play. I can't think of a possible reason for this. Is there some hardware failure that wouldn't be related to 3G or the Wifi card? I've uninstalled and reinstalled all of these programs several times. Also, although I have now installed some preware patches, before I ever did any of that the internet radio didn't work.

Any ideas?

Mark Campbell

p.s. I'm in New York City...don't know what that would matter....but I thought I'd throw that in there.