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    Got my pre a week ago, and I was looking at the pre for a long time (months.) Was worried when i read all the problems here, and the no video capability. I have been a palm user since the Palm III, after that I got a Palm Vx, followed by a treo 650, and now, my pre.

    My battery life is not horrible. this was my biggest concern, as I had gotten 4 days out of a battery on my treo for most of its 3 year life. I get almost two days on my pre battery, with moderate use. I leave wifi off unless I am needing the web, and have gps off. The 1.4 update was flawless.

    At first the pre was scary to open, like hard. Now my phone slides open pretty easily, sometimes to my chagrin when i put it in my pocket and it slides open. This slide ease has caused some of this oreo problem i am reading about, but its not that bad, truthfully i would like some give to it, as it will better take the stressors of being in my pocket. I have never been a holster phone user. If it doesnt fit in my pocket I dont want it.

    The lurkers and people reading this thinking "ill wait till version 2", do it if you want, I'm glad I moved to the pre.

    ::Note, I did not yet homebrew my pre, my phone is completely "stock" other then pandora::
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    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    Bryant, that's all you need- Pandora.
    Pandora with the web is euphoria.
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    Agreed. Pandora is the best app I have on my Pre.

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