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    Well my phone totally freaked out.

    Here are is the info and problems:

    Palm Pre
    1.4 installed
    No patches or Preware or anything like that

    Problems all started happening today.

    My phone no longer goes to sleep properly, when it locks it shows the lock and the full regular background, meaning I can still see and click on all my hot keys, (phone app, messaging, go to my applications) while the phone is locked!!!!

    Second, my menu in the phone app is gone, meaning I can't go into preferences or edit or anything.

    Third, I no longer receive phone calls and text messages are 6-8 hours late.

    Any ideas??????
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    the screen thing happen to me once after update. I just rebooted and it was all set.
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    try taking battery out for a min.
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    Reboot. Sym + Orange + R

    If that doesn't work, then shut the phone off, take out the battery for a bit, and then put it in and start it back up.

    It should be fixed. If not, then Doctor seems to be the next step.
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    lol,,o man
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