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    I think we should try to use the pre with one hand only for a couple of days. I've use one for a day. Including this post. Noticed the pre falls out of my hand. Navigating is ok
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    I am right now to , just fine for me . Lol
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    I have trouble using a dumbphone brick with one hand. Flip phones? Yeah, James T Kirk I am not. Two hands for me, I have never been able to type anywhere near accurately with the thumb on the same hand that's holding the phone. Big thumbs, anyway, I have to use my index finger.
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    I do it all the time while driving, cause I have a drink in my lap, cheese burger in the other hand, & a cigarette burning in the ash tray. Kidding I do try often with some luck, it is somewhat awkward.
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    I always use it with one hand. The only time I use both only for typing just because it's quicker.
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    One handed operation is why I demand a portrait keyboard and I think why Palm developed it first (assuming a landscape keyboard is coming, which I hope it is for the sake of those who want it).
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    Can't do one-handed on a physical keyboard, however on a full-touchscreen phone I can do one-handed all day long.
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    i almost always use my phone with one hand. sometimes i use my other hand if i need to type something, but that's about it. the ease of use of the pre is one of the main things i like about it.
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    flash isnt out yet so i see no reason to be using the pre one handed
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    flash isnt out yet so i see no reason to be using the pre one handed

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    oh, 063_xobx, that's naaasty

    seriously though, the reason i go for a portrait qwerty is one-handed use. If i wanted to use both hands, i'd get something useless like a laptop - or even worse, an iphone. even tho pinch to zoom is nice, i find myself using tap more often.

    I only ever use it two handed if i need to precisely pinch zoom, or if i'm doing fast typing.
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    I can even pinch-zoom one handed on a pre... wayy more difficult on the iphone/n1
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    I usually use mine one handed. It's a little slower, but I find that to be a benefit of this form factor! One reason I love my Pre. There is more than one way to multitask.

    Try typing one handed on a Touch Pro!
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    the only reason i would be holding a touch pro??? wait why would i be holding a touch pro...

    @ budgetmedic ... come on i downloaded your avatar to decode it.. i was execting something really witty.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    Can't really do one handed on a physical QWERTY keyboard, find it slow, and a tad uncomfortable =/, full touchscreen im fine though.
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    I have been using my Pre one-handed since I got it - last July. I think that is one of the beauties of it. It fits comfortably in my palm and I have no problems. In fact, recently I had to remove my case and have not bothered to put it back on because I like the feel of my Pre in my palm (pun intended)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    flash isnt out yet so i see no reason to be using the pre one handed
    Competition for your dominant hand lol
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    I always use the iPhone one handed, I can do it with the Pre but always almost drop it when I hit the 'a' key.
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    It's called practice until you can do it without dropping your phone. I use it 1 handed a lot but not 100% of the time.
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    I use mine one handed most of the time. Even got it to where I write text, emails & posts & else where using my thumb while holding the my Pre in landscape.
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