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    Need some opinions since I hate Sprint stores, techs and managers with a passion.

    My speaker has bee getting lower in volume the last week or so and more scratchy.
    I can no longer understand people on the other end of the phone, music and movies are absolutely out.

    Are the stores replacing phones with "blown" speakers under TEP or referring to Assurion?
    Should I take it in now or wait longer until it gets worst?

    Tips PLEASE!
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    i agree with you...i can't stand sprint stores period..i had a battle with the sprint store this past Friday..i was in the same boat as you...the tech said since i modified the phone. i void the warranty. the whole thing was a huge waste of my time..they called palm to see if i was allowed to use patches...palm said software and hardware are two different things...long story short they give me a brand new phone...this is my 6th pre...5 of them were due to blown speakers.....sprint stores suck! i was so close to canceling my service with sprint that day...
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    I just got mine replaced with no questions asked the day before 1.4 came out . For a blown speaker issue.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    rear speaker or the ear piece speaker? Backup your data, and Doctor and Full erase your phone before taking it in to avoid them blaming it on homebrew.

    I had my rear speaker get crackly. took it into a sprint repair center, and they said they were going to replace just the speaker. then the rep came out and said they dont have any of the parts on hand, so they were just gonna order me a refurb. So from my experience, they should repair or replace with no problems. But i have heard that sprint is not allowed to open up the device ( im not sure how accurate this is), so they may just replace.

    i went to my sprint store during slow hours, so there was no crowd. The whole process (for me) took 15 minutes max, and 2 days for my phone to arrive.

    i was able to demonstrate how bad my speaker sounded, so they didnt ask any questions. If your speaker problem is barely noticeable, id wait and see how it progresses.
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    the techs aren't allowed to open the pre up.

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