I got a pretty good deal on a beat up Pre on eBay: $50. It's got a bad ESN, has been flashed to Cricket, and has an unreliable radio. It's perfect for me, since I just want to use it for app development. I've got a meta doctored 1.4 image (bypass activation, etc) ready to go, but I've got a question:

Can I just use the doctor to flash a Sprint image to a Cricket-enabled Pre, or will the two be incompatible and brick the whole thing?

It seems like flashing to Cricket is fairly nefarious (I don't see it talked about in "polite" places), and seems to involve illegal ESN changing or something. I'm not interested in any of that, but to anyone in the know, can I just use a Sprint doctor image and go? I don't need much from this phone, but I do need it to have the most up-to-date OS.