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    Hey can any of you give me some good suggestions of what free apps I should get for the Pre? I just switched from a blackberry tour so I'm not that familiar with the environment of The Pre anymore. Also if you have any good case suggestions for the phone that would be great thanks!
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    Sure. Here's a list of some of the most popular apps across platforms that are all free:

    2.Slacker Radio
    9.New York Times
    10.AP Mobile
    12.The Weather Channel

    There are plenty others, but that seems like a decent start.

    Regarding cases, I'm just using the Palm case and it works fine. Welcome!
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    you forgot Engadget! My #1
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    pReader if you like ebooks. That was actually the first app I got.
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    That's a good list.
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    And don't forget about all the Homebrew apps, which mostly are free.

    You can get a list of Homebrew app from Precentral's menu.. look for the label 'APPS' in between accessory store and themes.

    And from that APP menu you can also take a look at all the apps available from the Palm App Catalog.

    I believe both have a limited sort option.

    Palm's App Catalog is now over 2000 apps.

    I'm not sure home many are in Homebrew.

    If you are into Games... oh.. you want free.. I was going to mention NFS.. Need for Speed... its a very graphics intensive game. It's just like the one on the iPhone.

    It will show you how great the Pre is.

    Oh wait, I think they are offering 'trail' games for free... check those out.

    But my main apps are:

    Newsroom (not free but there is a trail I believe)
    drPodder (in homebrew but going to the Palm App Catalog any day now, might be there already as I write this)

    Those are by far the best.

    And yes, Engadget.. I have that but use Newsroom.

    Oh wait one more important one:

    RadioTime... and it's free .. streaming radio... and I'm in to News Talk Shows!

    But you can get music, or stuff like Leo LePorts 'TWIT' This Week in Tech.

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    wallpaper switcharoo trial. I bought the whole app after using the trial. Its awesome.
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    Another vote for Dr Podder. Best audio podcast catcher evar.
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    FaceBook and Engadget.

    Comics also is surprisingly a really entertaining app.
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    missed Mediafly, RadioTime, Fandango, and DirecTV (if you have that). Get Preware installed and you will be amazed at what's available

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