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    So I made a purchase of an application, but I forgot that the credit card information used to purchase this application stored on my phone is incorrect since I canceled that card.

    I was still able to download and install this application, but I am curious as to where the charge will appear, on my phone bill with a fee? Or will I be unable to use the application somehow until I enter valid credit card information?

    I can't change the card information on the phone until the transaction clears.
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    Contact palm, they should be able to figure it out
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    wow this happen to me a few days ago.i did not change my card on my kids phone. Now she keeps getting emails saying to clear this up w my bank. I want to put new card in so they can charge it,,but they won't let me.
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    I know I got to call and fix this,,but since it was on my kids phone and not mine,,i am not as motivated as

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