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    Odd thing happened today. Called Sprint to help figure out an issue I'm having with data in the area (it's a tower issue)

    but the morons always want to blame the phone no matter what (had the same data issue with an HTC Touch before I got the PRE), so she had me reset my phone (which I've already done before for the same problem)

    when it powered back up, I had no mic, no speakerphone, no earpiece. The only way I can hear or talk using my phone is to plug in a headset.

    I have a replacement phone on the way but I was curious if anyone has ever experienced this before.
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    I fixed the problem by sticking the headset in the jack about five times. It started working after that.
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    Ok wow that actually fixed it.

    I guess there was something wrong with the outlet.

    Damn, now I wonder if I should still let them send me a refurb.... I mean they still didn' fix my data issue....

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