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    Once you notice the usb crack is there any way to stop it?
    I don't think so!
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    no way to stop it
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    bull shiz.

    This will be the 2nd pre in 7months now that developed a crack.

    If it spreads to the screen I doubt that I'll consider purchasing another...

    Never droped the phone, using a Palm carying case... just noticed the crack today..

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    Did you have to pay $50 for the repair? I took it and they told me that i need to pay the 50 to replace it... is that true?
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    no such deal in Canada I think you need to be on an insurance plan for that plan anyways
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    at&t is not allowed to address other problems by palm if the phone has any "Physical Damage" in order for them to fix the myriad of functional issues, they need $499. I bought the phone from the HP online store and it is still undert warranty. The phone was FREE and Ireceived a $50 gift card for the HP store. Now I know why I was "paid" to take this phone. If you bring up the issue with Palm, they will not respond. Apparently, the are forbidden to discuss or acknowledge this issue at all and will not let at&t follow their usual warranty replacement procedure. He Palm, ever hear of honesty and integrity? I will never by another Palm product even when given a gift card and getting it for free, it is not worth the aggravation.
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    I have say I have had issues with the USB Crack, but I also have insurance. With Insurance, I just went to the store, showed them the issue and they replaced it no questions asked. My sprint store here in my area is very good with Tech Support and the times I have had issues I go in there and they do not hesitate working either by getting a new phone or fixing it right ther eon the spot. sorry to hear that you had your experience like that.
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