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    i have over 300 pics and about 15 videos and have never had a problem..
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    Just noticed a bunch of photos missing as well. Not sure if there's any rhyme or reason to what disappeared. Hopefully this gets figured out sooner than later. I'll be backing up all my pics and vids when I get home tonight.
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    the last 3 pics i took are missing.
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    I have lost pictures from my photo roll as well - many pictures that were special to my family and I of our 1 year old. I have heard that some programs were a problem (especially the photowall app that creates the palm999 folder as someone mentioned above), but I don't have that program - or any others that are related to photos for that matter. I don't have any homebrew apps, patches or anything else other than what Palm provides in their updates or you can download directly on your phone from the Palm App store. I have noticed that my photos max out at 60 pictures, but it does not appear to be a problem with the names of the photos, because when I have deleted old photos that were blurry, etc... the new photos sometimes created new names. But when I have a full photo roll, the new photos I take replace old files straight up (take over their name and all).

    Anyone have any fixes, this is SO frustrating! I might try looking into the patches by Jason that I've heard some talk of, but just don't know how reliable or easy those are - or if they even fix my problem.
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    same thing for me- no patches installed. i read on precentral that this was occurring and never thought to check it myself, since i attributed it to unstability resulting from patch installation. well, poof! when i did check, a bunch of pics were gone.

    there are things that need to be addressed promptly, and there are things that need immediate expedition- palm really REALLY needs to push an incremental update out there ASAP to fix this. data deletion is a MAJOR problem and one that damages brand credibility at a time when they cant afford it (did you read that quarterly report? sheesh).
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    this is a problem.
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    I haven't lost picture or videos, I'm missing music. A ton of songs that I have downloaded off of Amazon are now gone. Grrrrrrrrr!!!
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    Just noticed this happening to me yesterday. Thought at first I must have done something but realized all I did was to SMS the photo and then it disappeared. I returned to the SMS thread and saved the photo again.

    I think I'll USB connect and rename the folder as suggested to see if that corrects the problem ... but am still wondering why that's the issue? So much for online backups. It would be nice to have the ol' Desktop SYNC back once in a while.
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    I renamed my photos folder, andlet the Pre create a new one... it seemed to be working, but I'm definitely losing pics again.
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    You can try to recover your deleted photos with a recovery tool. I recommend PhotoRec - CGSecurity.

    I also highly recommend Jason R.'s photo naming patch to help prevent this issue from happening.
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    This happened to me a while ago (I was using PhotoWall and blamed it on that). Just realized a couple of days ago that it is happening again. This is just embarrassing and a major loss of trust on my side...

    I recommend Recuva in "Deep Scan" mode to recover pictures. I got a lot of them back, but not all (because Only those can be recovered that have not been overwritten yet...).
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    I used Recuva... and it worked! At least for some of the pictures that I know I lost... specifically one that was very important to my wife and I of her and our son. Thanks Prevangelist for the recommendation!

    Now hopefully with the latest WebOS update (I'm on Sprint), this problem is fixed like they say it is supposed to be, and I won't lose any more pictures.

    Thanks again!
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