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    it says mobile hotspot service not working... this happened after 1.4
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    Yep, some Pre owners have gone back to, it depends how bad you need/want this patch.
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    mytether works and they fixed most of the items that made it a little unsafe before.
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    I tried getting hotspot to work. Tried all the different methods, but could not get the laptop to connect and use the connection. It would just say connected, but no internet connection.

    but has babecka mentioned, mytether has gotten rid of the need to patch and is not breaking the camera any more. so im back to that. In reality, its just as good i guess, just $14 , but worth it to not waste so much time trying to get it to work.
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    haha I wonder if sprint delayed our update, findin ways to block our mobile hotspot
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    MyTether is worth not having to set up the older binaries and mess with your phone...
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    No sure if you read the GSM Pre forum, but maybe try this...
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