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    I have been known to be pretty critical of Palm so I thought I would take time out to say that the innovation they showed in this new call history is why I love Palm. Thinking outside the box and making things better. Keep these little things (that no one else does) coming and good things will follow.
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    Gotta agree with you there. The new call history is brilliant. Easy access to all the important contact info. Just great. Now, we need the same work on the calendar...
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    It is nice, I just wish I could see the call duration.
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    Sprint has blocked this function, I believe there is a patch to activate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    It is nice, I just wish I could see the call duration.
    Use the patch for call duration in Preware.
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    Oh ok, thanks! I think it's so weird call duration is not turned on by default. I have never owned a phone in my life that does not have weird.

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