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    For the past few months, I've been downloading and paying for various apps. If I ever have to do a hard reset, or even if I buy a new Pre, what happens to all my paid apps? If I download the same apps again, do I have to pay for the same apps again, or will Palm know I've already paid for these apps and not charge me again?

    With my old Treo models, I always knew exactly what to do, because I always had a copy of the app on my hard drive (along with password) in case I needed to reinstall for whatever reason. But nowadays with the Pre, it's such a completely different process going through the Palm Store app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post

    Yes, that I have to pay again?


    Yes, Palm knows I already paid before so I won't be charged again for downloading same app?
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    yes to the question asked in the title "Will my paid apps come back after hard reset?"
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    when you sync back to your palm profile, it will sync back all your apps from the app catalog.

    if for some reason, the app says its not paid, you can just call/email the developer and say you paid the app already
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    I just had to Doctor my phone, and it cleared out everything! After i set up my phone I just confirmed my palm acct and they put all my apps, music and photos back onto my phone! I just had to updt to 1.4 then I got the rest of my apps, but you do lose all saved info on your apps..

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