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    Do I have to tell Sprint to release my phone so I can sell it? What is the correct terminology?
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    no you just have to remove it from your account
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    and pay the ETF.
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    well he might be switching phones so it wouldnt be necessary but if hes switching networks then yes hed have to pay the ETF
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    If he stays with Sprint he would have to pay full pop for a new phone, either way they get you, lol.
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    I would say it depends what you're going to do with your account. If you replace it right then with another device then there could be no issue.

    Removing one device without replacing it with another might raise issues: Would it auto-trigger an account closing and an ETF? Would you still have to pay the same monthly bill on a line with no device to have activity on? I don't know. I'm just questioning.
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    Just pay the $175 and you are a free man. Verizon's ETF is $350, OUCH! So glad I left Big Red.

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