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    (Palm Pre on Sprint)

    Since upgrading to 1.4, I have the following issues:
    • Youtube, Pandora, music, videos, Telenav etc will not play using the built-in speaker. When I plug in external speakers, they all work.
    • System sounds (ringtones, alerts) do work, so I know the speaker is ok.
    • Movies recorded with the camera do not have audio (when playing back on another PC or device)
    • The phone audio only works on speakerphone. When speakerphone is off, I can't hear them & they can't hear me. Turn speaker back on, everything's kosher.

    I had posted this in the 1.4 issues thread but nobody seemed to notice it so I'm creating a new thread. All my sounds worked fine prior to 1.4 and I have never installed anything outside of the App Catalog or rooted my phone. Yes, the volume is up - I can unplug the speakers, no audio and then plug them back in and the audio continues.

    Through searching I found that some phones are missing individual files in a /lib directory. Since I've never rooted the phone I have no idea how to browse its internal filesystem. Is this possible and if they're missing, can I just plop the files in there?

    My next step is to do a full wipe and restore from backup, but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks for any advice.
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    I agree. I've having odd audio issues as well.
    • Sometimes my system audio will just stop being audible. Ringtones won't be heard; MP3's won't play, not just be in-audible; movies won't either play or no audio.
    • Phatom audio adjustments. I'll wake-up my Pre from standby and the audio icon will pop-up inexplicably and adjust itself.
    • Often the system sound level won't be the same as the music sound level after I've adjusted them to the same levels.
    • Luna restart does NOT fix the issue...only RESTART.
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    Same here, but I don't know if it's just audio.

    My phone won't ring at all, and then if I open up the phone app, i'll get a notification ding and it will show voicemail messages.

    Or if I get a text, I won't get a notification unless I actually open up the messaging app.

    Also, if I have voicemail messages, I can't use the phone app until I listen to them. It's pretty annoying.
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    i have audio issues as well...

    sometimes no sound will come out of the speakers, and when i go to sound and ringtones preference and test my ringtone. it does not make a sound!

    i have to do a restart ( solidkey + sym + R ) for it to come back...

    i sometimes miss call and notifications because of this...

    I have 1.4 and the only patches I have are the battery percent and the webpage bookmark icon.

    I have a palm pre plus on verizon
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    I don't have any audio issues, but since the 1.4 update Pandora stops/stalls alot more that it used to and now when it starts back up it skips to another song. It happens so much that I finally stopped using it.
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    there is a current discussion in THIS THREAD.
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    Youtube works for me but no Pandora, Radiotime, etc... This kind of sucks
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    Radiotime & Accuradio both work fine for me.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liono1787 View Post
    Youtube works for me but no Pandora, Radiotime, etc... This kind of sucks
    Reflash your device. You're missing media.jsjsjs. $It$ $was$ $probably$ $caused$ $by$ $going$ $from$ $1$.$3$.$5$ $directly$ $to$ $1$.$4$.

    You can get the flash file from Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals


    RadioTime Developer
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    i have none of these problems.. try doctoring your phones to 1.4
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    Seems like my ringer volume keeps resetting itself to very low or off. Feature request: A way to separately control GPS audio volume.
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    all is well for me...

    i think my issue is that i sometimes inadvertently press the volume button all the way down when the keyboard is slid all the way out.

    user error for me
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    I believe I figured it out, it looks like it was hardware related.

    I was in a meeting the other day with my Pre sitting on the table, and noticed that the speaker icon would occasionally flash on-screen. After the meeting I threw away a card and heard the familiar swish that I hadn't heard pre-upgrade. I then fired up my audio apps / music / etc and they all worked. Since then audio has worked without issue.

    I think what is happening is that the piece of hardware that detects plugged-in headphones is getting stuck, and the phone thought that headphones were plugged in. So I guess this isn't a webOS 1.4 issue, just a crappy coincidence.

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