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    Many of the Verizon store you find in malls are independent, they do not operate the same way the corporate stores do. I was actually told by a phone rep one time to avoid the independent stores. Overall the staff is less knowledgeable, and the stock is pitiful. Honestly they do not help Verizon's brand image.

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    Another great thread which is tracking Verizon Stores based on their knowledge of the Pre:
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    corporate stores don't get to choose what they carry. They get what they get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ariker01 View Post
    the phone was advertised outside the store on a digital add in the mall.

    The reason this store did not have pre's is because they "heard" it was a bad phone. This is a retail store (not kiosk) so I don't know if they have to abide by the same rules and standards as a corporate store would.

    The statement that surprised me was that they wouldn't even be ordering them to bad feed back. Every phone has it drawbacks but that doesn't stop Verizon and other carrier from selling junk devises. The manager also mentioned that she would sit back and see how they sell before making a decision for her store to carry them. i can understand having a large order of phones to sell and not being sure if you can. My question is that she did not feel the need to offer me other phones other than the Droid or point me in the right direction of another Verizon store.
    Because all the places that sell phones truly care about is getting you in and out with ANY phone and getting the commission off the sale. After they have your money, they really don't care about you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ariker01 View Post
    Verizon Wireless
    (678) 366-6017
    1000 North Point Circle
    Alpharetta, GA 30022-4853

    let them have it
    ATL regional offices. I've been there for manager meetins!
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    You should have dropped the ruse and pull out your Pre and showed off. Tell them to suck on need for speed!
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    Hmmm.... Maybe they should rename Verizon. Maybe the Google/Motorola network, or the 'Droid Network. Sounds like that's all they want to sell anyway. Hey, if they do that, they'll have to up their licensing fee to Spielberg. I'm sure he'll be fine with it!
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    Having just purchased two Pre Pluses last week - I can tell you that the Verizon folks are definitely more Droid focused, however, they couldn't tell me the ETA of the Devour - so I think the education of sales force lacks in all realms. Anyway, we actually showed the sales people a few things about webOS when we were deciding between Pixis and Pres. Deciding that we couldn't pass up the extra fire power (even though I loved the keyboard on the Pixi) - we were activating Pres, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A district rep from Palm - with lots of Palm gear. He showed us a couple things in the box, was impressed that we could gesture like pros - and gave us water bottles. All while the sales force was looking on. I truly hope that the rep educated the sales force on the capability and usability of webOS. I talked with the rep about the stock devaluation and the outlook - and told him I was happy that they were serious about getting into the field and helping Verizon serve all of it's customers - not just Droid and Blackberry. Let's face it - if a customer comes in wanting a phone like the iPhone, they really should steer them toward the Pre rather than the Droid just for the UI.
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    My experience was slightly better. I went into the Verizon store last week (River Oaks Houston) wanting to see the Pre Plus in person. I mentioned this to the salesperson, and he asked me what I plan to use the phone for and promptly turned me towards the Droid. He essentially claimed the Pre wasn't really a smartphone because it doesn't have the Google voice command app and free navigation. I could immediately sense the BS, as I've had the Google voice app on my iPhone for awhile and found it to be a novelty but not something I regularly used. I have built-in navigation in my car plus a Garmin Nuvi for traveling, so I have little need for a phone-based nav app. And the Pre's Google maps app is good enough for ad-hoc navigation needs.

    Anyway, I didn't care for the Droid interface, and I especially didn't care for the form factor. It's immediately clear that Palm put a LOT of thought and effort into building the best smartphone on the market, while, in my opinion, Motorola/Verizon seem to have fumbled the Droid together a little too quickly just to get it to market. It's just isn't an attractive phone by any means, and it doesn't look polished like the Pre. The form factor is too big for my taste, and the Android OS looked very Windows-kludgy to me.

    The good news is that the store did have two separate Palm setups, each including a Pre Plus and a Pixi. Only one of the Pre Plus models was charged up. Once the salesperson realized I wasn't going to bite on the Droid BS, he did take the time to show me the Pre, and he was actually somewhat knowledgeable on the OS (unlike the lady from the OP). But I don't know why he didn't do that up front when I asked...I could have easily left for the Sprint store, which is literally across the street.

    Anyway, I ended up buying the Pre Plus and am glad I did -- it is far and away the best phone I've ever used, including the iPhone 3G. In fact, it's WAY better than the iPhone, but explaining why would require a whole separate review. I just hope Verizon gets their act together and stops trying to push the Droid at the expense of the Pre. They need to realize what a good thing they have. They could be earning a good deal of customer loyalty by speaking positively about their best phone instead of trying to unsell it. I always thought the real money was in the service contract anyway?
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    Here is another thread saying the same thing. This is huge problem from Palm.
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    Just goes to prove that money talks...Google/droid obviously is the big red focus right now because they are a bigger source of income. Palm should have been more proactive at forcing VZN to protect the palm brand.
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    To be fair, I went to BJ's today and posed as a potential customer. I asked him what the best "smartphone" for the money is. He pointed at both the Droid and the Pre. He said he prefers the Droid (because he owned one), but the best deal was actually on the pre plus. I was amazed and expected him to say something else. After a while he did begin to push the droid though. By then my wife was done shopping and I pulled out my Sprint pre and showed him what he was missing

    He did say that Pandora isn't available on the pre plus, is that true? I told him we had it on Sprint and he was surprised...
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    Pandora is on the pre plus
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    Pandora is available on all WebOS phones.
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