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    I ran Preware 9.28 and it stated that Preware and Package Manager Service need to be update. I update Package Manager Service to 9.38 and Preware to 9.29. I installed Package Manger first, restarted Luna and then updated Preware and restarted Luna. I now get the following error message when running Preware.

    "Failure during "getlistFile" operation". Preware goes ahead and loads but it does not recognize any applications being installed. I have un-installed PackageManger and reinstalled. Same problem. Any help...

    Follow Up: I rolled back to Preware 9.28 and the error message went away, however all my applications are still listed as "Unknown"

    Update: Got it working. After loading Preware I went and "Update Feeds" under the Prewae menu options. Now running Prfeware 9.29 and Package Manger 9.38
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    Having similar issue

    Trying your suggestion.

    We will see.

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    It got better.


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