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    Any news out there for the Pre to get Voice Command? Seems like since about every cheap phone out there has it that the Pre should have it, especially since there is so much out there about driving hands-free. Appreciate any comment.
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    My comment is that this same exact question has been asked at least twice this week, and you should use search before posting (I recommend an "advanced" search for "titles only") .

    But the short answer is that there is no news from Palm and there is still no access to the mic for developers. The fact that Video was added to 1.4 had people hoping that we would get access to the mic, but no such luck. There's been some discussion that the new PDK might allow it.

    Right now, a good speed dialer (and there are several) is your best option. And it's always a good idea to let Palm what you want know through their Feedback and Feature Request:

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

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