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    I notice that when i get a new email i see a small envelope icon at the bottom of the screen. When i go over to the email app and just see where it came from (sender/subject heading) and see its not urgent i exit the email app. Leaving the email unread.

    After this, i no longer see the envelope notification in my screen. Is there any way that i can be reminded that i still have UNREAD emails in my inbox?

    I have seen the email repeat notification patch, but its not exactly what i am looking for... i think it stops notification too after you have seen the email heading and does not show notifications even when the email is unread.

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    I believe if you tap on the email notification it will show you who it is from without going into the email app. Then tap anywhere else on the screen it will minimize the notifcation leaving it there until you go into the email app. This also works for text messages as well the only issue I've seen is if you have more than one email or message the notification will only show the last one with a number on it indicating how many more you have. I wish there was a way to see all the emails in that notification not just the last one.
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    yes exactly! sometimes emails all come in pairs... or sometimes i see one email, then another one comes in and i still have not read them both...

    so there is no built in setting for this? maybe a patch?

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