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    Are you happy with the progress your phone has made since that Saturday in June?

    I'm still happy with my phone and I have not coveted another one in 9 months.
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    I'm right there with you. First through the door on june 6th, and haven't seen another phone that I'd want over the pre. And for me, it's all about webos. I would definitely like to be able to upgrade to a better hardware with webos 2.0 in june...
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    Hell yea!... I was salivating for this hardware since the Jan of CES... I even pre-paid in full for all 4 of mine June 5th, just walked in @ 7:45AM on the 6th past the line and p/u them up!... Loved it!
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    I have been a Palm fan for many years and have never wanted a phone so much as the Palm Pre. Was second in line on launch day and have loved every minute of having it......also still on original phone. Can't wait for what is to come next.
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    I stood in line on June 6. It's been fun watching the OS evolve.
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    Definitely been a blast participating since June 6. And i'm still on my launch day Pre too!
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    I agree. I got mine at the pre-launch event on June 5th. Still have the same one. It is scratched up a lot (from dropping in on concrete and asphalt more than once), has a chip knocked out, and has a crack in the bottom right corner. Still works great! That is why I don't understand all the complaining about the build quality of the hardware.
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    I totally agree. I have never enjoyed a phone as much as this one. Granted as mentioned the hardware and battery could be a little more robust, but this is still a very good phone. And the webos is fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    Are you happy with the progress your phone has made since that Saturday in June?

    I'm still happy with my phone and I have not coveted another one in 9 months.
    Still have mine from the 1st day. I remember being number 3 in line.
    I've had NO problems and I have tons of patches and a theme. Very slight oreo effect but I am a very very happy camper!
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    Admittedly, the line I was in was fairly short. I was 4th in a line of about 12 people. I was on my way home with my new treasure by about 8:25.

    It has been very interesting watching this all develop. This is the first time I've been a tech f@ngirl.
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    Got my Pre 6/6 and was doing well, but, I had to swap it out yesterday because the screen wouldn't turn on But now I have a very solid feeling refurb and I'm a happy camper again.

    I really wanted to make it all the way through with my launch day Pre. And I am happy with the way things are going. With the help of Palm, and the Devs, I have to say I have one of the best phones on the market.
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    really couldn't just wait three more months for the actual birth date huh? just haaaaaaaaad to be 1st.. :/
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    Got two on launch day, still have one and the other has been replaced 4 times. I think things keep getting better. But without preware we would still be in the dark. Thanks to all that make it happen
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    was looking forward to this phone, when I came across it online and couldn't wait to trade my centro in for it. Actually forgot about it's release on the 6th and just happened to walk into a sprint store to see if it was out and bought it on the lines or anything. Would still have launch day phone but it had a bleed in the upper left corner of screen and a crack in plastic from dropping it the same day I got it. Lol. Damn slick design. And it just annoyed me so I broke down and paid the hundo for a refurb and it's working great.

    love the progress of the phone. Am I jealous of iphone speed and apps? Sure, but it'll get there. Hoping for new hardware in summer when upgrade is available...if not then I can wait. This is by far the best phone I've ever had and love palm.
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    I would marry my Pre. I spend every waking moment with it!
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    Wish my launch day Pre would have lasted this long. Oh well. I wonder if the C40 will be timed to launch near the year mark birthday for the Pre/Pixi on Sprint as customers with Pre's will be able to upgrade then again. Would be great timing! If its got more memory and a faster processor.. I'll probably upgrade!
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    I'll just be happy if Palm is still around by then
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    Love this phone. Still have two launch days Pres that are holding strong! Never had so much fun with a phone. I have to keep reminding myself it's just a phone, a phone with the best damn operating system ever. WEB OS rocks!!!!!
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    Very pleased with my pre after sitting under an awning in the rain on launch day. This phone is leaps and bounds better than my old Treo 755p. I like the fact that the pre is updated often and new features are introduced.
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    Still have my launch day pre here!
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